When will they arrive?

Our family arrived on October 16. Praise God!

We have provided a basic timeline of what has happened so far and what needs to happen yet.

- Harold and Colleen Johnsrude began contacting organizations that assist in refugee sponsorship and put out a call to interested individuals at ZEMC
- ZEMC entered into partnership with Crossroads Community Church to bring refugees to Alberta. Crossroad's focus is closely aligned with ours, in desiring to bring persecuted believers whose lives are in serious jeapardy;
- The core group was finalized
                Deb Rion
                Bill & Shirley Portingale
                Byron Lappala
                Jim & Twyla Penner
                John & Audrey Stokoe
                Harold & Colleen Johnsrude
- ZEMC board gave official approval to proceed with the refugees sponsorship
- The core group met with Crossroads personnel
- The core group was given the names of three family units to consider; the core group came to a consensus regarding which family to sponsor.
- The core group received word that the family they had chosen had left the refugee camp where Crossroads had maintained contact with them. Because they relocated, we will no longer be able to sponsor them.
- The core group chose a family of four (husband, wife, two chilren, currently ages 13 and 7).
- The ZEMC church board approved the family.
- Request for approval as sponsors submitted to CM&A; projected to take three to nine months.
- Pastor Mike and Harold Johnsrude presented the Refugee Sponsorship Initiative to the church.
- Interested members of the congregation met to learn how they could join the initiative in areas of personal interest
- CM&A approved ZEMC's application to proceed to the government when there is an allocation for them. CM&A is projecting that their allocation number may be increased to allow submission to the government as early as July. 
- We anticipate an allocation for our family
- A Sunday morning service with a guest speaker, followed by a Syrian style lunch and a fundraiser.
- Formal application was submitted to the Canadian government for approval.
- A letter has arrived from the family, expressing their appreciation and looking forward to the possibility of coming to Canada.
- Initial approval has been granted by the Canadian government
- Medicals and interviews have been conducted; awaiting results. We have a letter and video from the family.
- We received news that they will be leaving their current location on October 15. They will arrive in Didsbury within at least a few days after that.
- The family and core group have been very active in setting everything up to see that they know that they are home. Having arrived on October 16, the task before them is to create a new normal here in Canada. Please hold them in your prayers as they seek to follow the Lord in an entirely new context.